The Government Targets the RRP Draft to Increase the Salary of Civil Servants, the TNI and the Police will be Finished by the End of January 2019

Eranas – Draft Draft Government Regulation (RPP) on salary increases and basic pensions of PNS, TNI and Polri is targeted for completion in the fourth week of January 2019.

Meanwhile for RPP the increase in basic salaries and pensions of the TNI, and the National Police, the National Civil Service Agency (BKN) is waiting for a letter requesting technical assistance for the preparation of the RPP.

“At the end of January all RPP drafts will be forwarded to the PANRB Ministry and then forwarded to the President through the Ministry of National Secretariat,” said Deputy BKN for Staff Management Development (PMK), Haryomo Dwi Putranto in discussions with several related Ministries / Institutions (K / L), at the Office Central BPN, Jakarta, Tuesday (1/15).

Especially for the TNI and Polri, according to Haryomo, they will be invited again to validate salary increases after the increase table is completed in the BKN State Civil Apparatus Compensation Unit (ASN).

Haryomo explained, for the amount of basic salary and basic pension increase for all of the State Apparatus and Retirees, there was an average increase of five percent as stated in the financial note of the State Budget (RAPBN) Plan for Budget Year 2019.

This increase, continued Deputy BKN PMK field Haryomo Dwi Putranto, was aimed at strengthening the productivity of the state apparatus and strengthening the bureaucratic reform program, balancing the addition of state apparatus, maintaining the welfare level of state apparatus and retirees, and reviewing retirement policies of ASN, TNI and Polri.

Furthermore, for the concept of increasing pensioners, BKN will synchronize data on retired civil servants and widows / their widows and verify / update the amount of increase with PT. Taspen as preparation for payment of pension benefits after the RPP is stipulated. (Public Relations BKN / ES)