President Jokowi was greeted enthusiastically when visiting Cibatu Train Station, Garut, West Java, on Friday (1/18) afternoon.

Eranas – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) argues, asking to get more response to traffic jams that often occur in the Garut region, Tasikmalaya, West Java Province, towards the Cileunyi Toll Road (Cipularang – Padeleunyi).

For this reason, President Jokowi decided that the government had decided to build the Cigatas toll road, Cileunyi-Garut-Tasikmalaya, Cigatas, this year.

“This is a gift for the people of Garut and Tasikmalaya that I love. That’s not until later there are voices coming into me, to the Governor, the traffic jams, traffic jams, traffic jams. So there is already a location determination, God willing, immediately begins. But I guarantee that this year will begin, “President Jokowi said when giving a speech on the submission of 257 certificates for mosques, prayer rooms, Islamic boarding schools, and educational institutions, at the Great Mosque of Cibatu, Garut, West Java, Friday (1/18) afternoon.

Forwarded to Cilacap

Meanwhile the Director General (DG) of Highways of the Ministry of PUPR, Sugiyartanto, said that the planned construction of the Cigatas Toll Road has been carried out in the National Strategic Project (PSN). It is expected that work can begin immediately.

“If it is already operational, vehicles that will go to Bandung or other regions can cross the toll road. This route will be a new choice for the community besides the Purwakarta-Bandung-Cileunyi toll route, “Sugiyartanto said when he received a visit from West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, in his office, Jakarta, Wednesday (1/16).

At present, according to Sugiyartarto, the toll road project is starting to install the location determination (penlok). Penlok is carried out by the Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of PUPR to be immediately submitted to the West Java Provincial Government. “The design of the route is being prepared, later this will also be continued until Cilacap,” Sugiyartanto said, quoted from the page, today.

By being forwarded to Cilacap, the toll road will connect Gedebage-Majalaya-Garut-Kota Tasikmalaya-Tasikmalaya-Ciamis-Banjar Regency. (setkab)